Pondicherry. Chapter 4- The last night.

So this day we finish our breakfast and head straight to Auroville. Read about this place -http://www.auroville.org/contents/95

We attended the orientation of the place, then crossed it’s beautiful gardens. Walked a while to reach the matri mandir. Here we experienced pure bliss. It was peaceful, calm, serene and so beautiful.


We spent an hour here clicking pics and enjoying the tranquillity. Then headed back and shopped some incense sticks and stand for the same and some beautiful flavoured teas and coffee from the Auroville store. I bought this beautiful meditation bowl which has a very calming music and it was beautifully carved.

Then we grabbed a bite at their canteen. I had a sandwich…didn’t know a simple sandwich can be so so tasty with the freshest of produce and flavours.


Then we headed back by afternoon. We had to go to hotel when our cabbie suggested a we stop at this beach called SERENITY BEACH. We weren’t up for it at first but once we saw the beach we regretted not having come here on day one. It was beautiful and empty. We took a dip here in its clean waters and chilled on the rocks for a while.

We also saw some sea life on the shores.

After this beach we headed to our favourite bakery for some more pastries


Then relaxed in the hotel until dinner time. For dinner we went to another beautiful place again by hidesign. The hotel is called The Promenade and their rooftop restaurant known as BAY OF BUDDHA. It’s a beautiful restaurant facing the sea with shamianas made… beautiful statue of Buddha with a fountain in the centre, a bar and lovely seating. It had a romantic ambience with the waves crashing by and candlelight dinner. The food there was amazing. We had some mouth watering sushis, teriyaki mushrooms and ended with a light but delicious dessert of tequila lime pineapple.

After all that food we took a stroll by the beach side in the full moon and this ended our last night in the beautiful place.

(Last part follows…)

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  1. Eartha says:

    Gotta get caught up on this series. 🙂 Sounds interesting.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Hahaha..thank u????…. tell me after u finish the series how u liked it!!

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