Pondicherry. Chapter 3-Day 2…the birthday!!

So the birthday morning started with breakfast at our hotel and then straight heading for the beach. Out of all the beaches Pondicherry has to offer I selected PARADISE BEACH. The only way to reach that beach is by a ferry ride of 30 mints. That half hour of ferry ride is an absolute delight with the beautiful view around.



The destination was just as expected…superb!! Clean, beautiful and with just 50 people spread across the huge beach it gave us a feeling of a private beach.



We chilled here for couple of hours and then took a ferry back by late afternoon.

We were obviously hungry once back so we went to our hotel, changed into fresh clothes and went out for some more of the delicious food of pondi. We tried LE CAFE which is a quite famous eatery there. Its a beautiful place with seating by the sea and a little garden behind. Talking bout the food I wasn’t very happy with the food here.

After eating we went to this beautiful church known as Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges. It’s the 4th oldest church in Pondicherry, built in Greco-Roman Architecture, by Napoleon III. It offers mass in 3 languages Tamil, English and French. It has a beauty of its own.



After this we headed back to the hotel and went in the pool for an hour… then slept for an hour…n then headed out for special birthday dinner to one of the most striking designer hotel of Pondi called LE DUPLEIX. It is a beautiful place with amazing interiors, pure luxury. We sat at the bar and I asked the super friendly and sweet bartender ???? (also check out the wall art ????)



to make me a melon cocktail known as courtyard classic. It was one of the best cocktail I ever had…check it out



While hubby had some of the best scotch????



While sipping on our drinks we started talking to other guests there and dancing and having fun. The bartender found out it hubby’s birthday and he surprised us with the most tastiest ever brownie with chocolate and caramel sauce; on the house.



After this awesome hospitality and a night of fun, dancing n laughter, we ended up ordering dinner. Again I hv no words…it was spot on, yummy, perfect. We called for bruschetta, ravioli in almond mushroom Sauce and French onion soup.



And alas the birthday came to an end in the most beautiful way. Now we had to get our beauty sleep before our visit to auroville next day.

(To be continued…)

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    1. missbhukkad says:

      It’s coming up next week…thank u in advance ????

      1. Kumar Harsh says:

        Oh, happy birthday in advance then. ????

        1. missbhukkad says:

          ???? this trip I’d taken last year around this time ????

          1. Kumar Harsh says:

            Oh I thought that you were on a vacation. Haha.

          2. Kumar Harsh says:

            You still have a week to go. Why wait.

          3. missbhukkad says:

            I’ve just come back from a 15 day vacation

          4. Kumar Harsh says:

            Hahaha, phir kaisa gum.

          5. missbhukkad says:

            Life should be one big holiday…just fun and frolic…my kinda utopia

          6. Kumar Harsh says:

            I guess that’s everyone’s kind of utopia. Haha

  1. I think the trip was funnnn!!!

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Totally…I wish to go back even as I go thru the pics.

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