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Did u try maggi hot heads yet?? these are spicy flavours that maggi has introduced in the market. These come in 4 flavours. 3 are vegetarian flavours n 1 non vegetarian one.

1. peri peri which is least spiciest of all is very tasty. Comes close to maggi curry. The colour is red but not so spicy.

2. next on spice level is bbq pepper- this one is definitely spicy n peppery but I loved this one with some cheese.

3. is chilli chicken- it’s the only nonveg spicy maggi. haven’t tasted this as I’m a vegetarian but I’ve heard it’s good.

4. spiciest of all is the green chillies- honestly this one hits u with its spice in the throat. it tastes good with some ketchup n cheese n herbs.

My fav of all is the bbq pepper flavour. Try these!! some variation with maggi ????

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  1. Mihir Shah says:

    Gonna try these soon! I miss the Maggie Curry flavor they used to have.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      I used to love maggi curry the most….n i really missed it…but these ones are so good ull definitely like them.

  2. idiotchamp says:

    Hey I am new here will you please review my blog?

      1. idiotchamp says:

        Thanks it would really boost my confidence

  3. mahekg says:

    not finding this easily..hope to try this

    1. missbhukkad says:

      U get it at regal store next to mangia fuori juhu

      1. mahekg says:

        okie…Thanks so much

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