Ice Ice BabY!!


Rubbing ice on my face?? Have i gone mad?? NO! Ice might be bad for throat but ull be surprised to know the wonders it can do for your skin. As can be seen from my posts I’m more into natural therapy for face than any make up. Im not againsg make up, but I prefer staying away from it as much as possible. As the make up brands keep increasing the choices are getting difficult, but more than that it’s the skin that’s become a guinea pig for all the products. At such times opening your refrigerator and using things easily available in your fridge all the time, without having to think twice of its side effects on your skin, is a major relief.

One thing available in all households is ice. Last night when I had to go partying with my girlfriends, I wanted to look my best. I put my kohl and eye liner on. Dabbed on some lip gloss and was ready to step out. Just 5 mints before leaving the house I took a ice cube from the fridge and rubbed it all over my face gently in circular motions for 5 mints. 5 more minutes was around the cheek bones. This trick always works as a quick fix, giving the face a dewy look with a glow that lasts the night. The reason behind this is the increased blood circulation on face due to ice rub. Hence giving it a healthy glow naturally.

Ice on face also does the following –

1. Rubbing ice on face for 5 mints before applying make up, makes your make up last longer.

2. Put some ice cubes on your eyes to relax the strained eyes.

3. It’s also a good quick fix for oily skin. Helps in reducing excess oil on the face.

4. Increases blood circulation and helps minimise your pores. With regular use it gives you visible results.

5. It also helps in soothing acne and sunburns.

With all these benefits, get that ice cube and get on with it.


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