10 to do Sushi places in Mumbai!

The idea of cold veggies and sticky vinegar rice does not sound fascinating at all, but wrap it up in a roll with some avocado or creamy cheese, give some soy for dipping, wasabi for brain freeze n gari for the perfect balance; it sums up to my fav dish ever – SUSHIs ????.

For all the sushi lovers; I’m listing down top 10 places where I’ve regularly been indulging in sushis-

1. HYATT REGENCY- located near international airport, this place definitely tops the list. The sushis here are heavenly.  I’ve tried their avocado sushi which is visually heavenly and just melts in your mouth as u pop it in.


The other sushi tried at Hyatt Regency is the sweet potato sushi, which has crispy sweet potato strands on top to good the crunch element to the otherwise melting soft and delicious sushi.

Price- starts from 600 rs.


2. PA PA YA- located in lower parel as well as colaba is another fav fav place for its sushis. Absolutely love their crispy spinach sushi the best- where the crispy spinach is the crunch element.  The burger sushi which is pickled veggies in the center presented like mini burgers served with togarshi powder, soy n gari. Pizza sushi- served like tiny pizza slices- triangular; and valentine sushi- the little hearts.  All of these have different filings and they are deliciously good.

Price- not sure.

3. JW MARRIOT SAHAR- near international airport, this place presents sushis like a plate of art. The presentation is so beautiful and the taste is even better. Love them here.

Price- starts at 1155 rs.


4. DASHANZI- located in JW Marriot juhu is another foodie fav place.  It is an absolutely perfect place for a sushi dinner.

Price- starts at 750 rs.


(Image taken from zomato)

5. KODE- another Zoravar Kalra place (pa pa ya being one of them too) kicking ass in lower parel. Amazing food overall, sushis are again delightful and beautifully served.

Price- not sure.


6. JOSS- a place in juhu, definitely expensive but the sushi boat is something i can’t resist.

Price- can’t remeber.


7. JIA ORIENTAL KITCHEN- located in colaba, this place has some seriously good food. Absolutely love the place for cocktails and all their dishes. Sushis here are again really good.

Price- 8 pieces, starts from 525 rs.


8. SUSHI KOI- a delivery only kitchen located in bandra, serves some really good sushis, which are perfectly made and their teriyaki shiitake cream cheese sushi is my forever favorite.

Price- 8 pieces, starts from 400 rs.


9. HELLO GUPPY- a newly opened up place in BKC serves some lip smacking Japanese food. Sushis are definitely worth a try here.

Price- 4 pieces, starts from 295 rs.


(Image taken from zomato)

10. ASIA BAR AND KITCHEN by main land China- located in Andheri east, serves delicious cocktails, baos and various other foods. Loved the creamy perfectly bite sized sushis at this place.

Price- 4 pieces, starts from 335 rs.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read. Leave your fav sushi places in Mumbai in the comments section. I’d love to try out some new places. I’m a big big time sushi lover.

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