Styling a dress jacket 3 ways!!

Have u got shrugs and jackets in your collection?? The answer will be a yes with all the girls as it’s trending. Long flowy jackets are becoming my favorite off late; not only are they stylish but also versatile. They can be paired in so many ways with multiple outfits and change the look of the outfit if styled correctly. Shrugs and long jackets are my saviour for a last mint thrown in look. I hv the neutral colors that go with all, but I hv 2 bright ones in the collection that just pep up a monotone outfit, to add a dash of color for more stylish look (not that I hate monotones, I find them classy if a right color is picked).

So recently I bought this designer dress which came with a full length orange jacket. I absolutely loved the combination and ended up purchasing it. Here are the looks I created using the orange jacket-

Look 1-

I wore it the way it was meant to be and just accessorized the otherwise plain outfit with a choker for a recent dinner party.


Look 2-

Chose this look for movie- black jeggings paired with black sleeveless basic top from zara and this orange jacket added colours. Paired it with black boots for a stylish look.


Look 3-

This one was the most recent where I thot of converting this jacket into a wrap around dress; another trending outfit. Since this jacket is flowy it was easy to wrap it around and hold it in place with a high waisted thick belt, paired it with metallic gladiators and sling bag, the shades just added the oomph factor.

Which was your fav look out of the 3?? Leave your thots and comments below. Next post coming up of a product review. Stay tuned!!

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