Water chestnuts!

So this is how I do my balancing act after all the junk and the chocolates that go in my tummy!


The fresh, super juicy and tasty water chestnuts. Not the Chinese style, not as starter, just in its pure natural form. If u like the taste now you got all the more reasons to eat for the various health benefits of this simple refreshing aquatic vegetable.

It’s rich in potassium, good for hair growth and skin, good for measles, good sleep and thyroid gland. Helps in controlling lose motions. Helps in sore throat, anti viral and phlegm. Also good for fetal growth. Whew sooooooo many benefits….go eat some of these!!!

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  1. neha98blog says:

    I love water chestnuts,My favvvv fruit of all.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Mine too ???? eat a bunch everyday

      1. neha98blog says:

        I love it also,Our food choices are also same.

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