Review- Pa Pa Ya colaba!

For all my regular followers..uve already read my post on Pa Pa Ya few backs back, the lower parel one. Massive restaurants opened up one more in Colaba recently. I happened to get to review this beauty few days back. The menu is the same and so is the pricing except that few new cocktails are added to this one. The new Pa Pa Ya is 2 floors and is more beautiful and comes across more like a lounge, with a huge swanky bar in front of you as you enter much like Masalabar, with tall tables and bar chairs for seating in the below section, the above section however has more comfortable cosy plush seating. Once again super courteous staff and an unforgettable experience overall.

Check out all that we ate and drank here ????


1. Started with tea…only alcoholic one. Bito no ne chado- bito=beetroot and chado=ceremony. This drink is inspired from Japanese tea ceremony. Its made of vodka, in-house beetroot syrup, lemon ginger tea, and served with a slice of dehydrated orange dusted with beetroot powder. I absolutely loved this one.


2. Jin gin (cocktail) gin capsicum, coriander, Thai chili reduction, togarshi. This is really tasty but I’m more of a sweet cocktail person and this was on the spicier side, with quite a taste of capsicum in it. Beautiful presentation though.


The all time fav amuse bouche- BASIL compressed watermelon n lemon grass and chilli foam on top


3. Fuku sour – melon based cocktail served with a tangy lollipop. Loved this too.


4. Tokyo summer- this is a must try. This was like drinking sushi. Gari infused vodka, with wasabi, sweet n sour lemon juice, sugar syrup and Apple  juice and topped with seaweed. Was blown away by this one. Highly recommend it if you are a sushi lover.

5.Yin yang- caramelized pineapple, muddled woth cardamom, vodka chamomile tea and honey foam on top. Deliciousness.



1.Dehydrated vege crispy spinach-my ultra fav at this place.


2. Spicy avocado
3. Spicy shiitake


4.Pizza sushi- layered sushi pizza, zucchini carpaccio, steamed edmame fresh vegetables, philly aioli. What a take on sushi ????


5.Valentine sushi- little heart shaped li9 smacking sushis. Assorted pickled veg maki with a twist.


They have some of the best and authentic sushis in town.

6.Red curry wild mushroom rangoons- open faced dumplings- outer crispy sheets stuffed with wild mushroom and truffle oil on top, Chinese mustard mayo, pickled veges and green pea crumb on the side. This is absolutely awesome and its a MUST TRY. This dish was the hero of the night.


7.Konnyakuyaki tomato and basil-veg version of takoyaki, sriracha caviar. Quite creamy and nice but not my type of taste.


8.Shiitake and buratta croquettes- shiitake stuffed with green pea coated with buratta and coated with Japanese panko bread crumb deep fried to perfection curried lemon dressing on top and spicy mayo on side and chopped pickled veggies. Beautifully presented, a burst of flavours esp coz of the lemon dressing on top. I would have liked a little more buratta though.


9.Penang curry with tofu balls and curry on side and kaffir lime with steamed rice. A perfect main course after so much food. Creamy and flavorsome.



1. Mochi icecream version 2.0 orange banana, truffle, strawberry and mango, served on a bed of cookie crush. This one is a complete surprise package and a tongue teaser with its taste in every bite u pop.


2. Vanilla pannacota lemon genoise, lemon flavoured sponge, meringue, sugary coated nuts served with freshly made creme anglaise vanilla flavoured with liquid nitrogen, vanilla pods on top and triple cheese cake- strawberry, cream cheese and lachha green tea layers. I’m a big time lover of chocolate desserts but I’d say try this. Its superb and something that you won’t really get to see anywhere else.


Go here for your next special night or just a family dinner. Its bound to stay etched in your memory. Awesome experience as always with Pa Pa Ya.

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