Review-Maya- Punjabi Rivaayat @Trident BKC

When you get invited to Trident for an exclusive meal to try the magic created by the Legendary Chef Sweety Singh, you don’t want to miss it!! Especially when you know he’s here just for a week to feed people his food, with love.

We were greeted by Chef Ashish Bhasin of Trident and escorted to our table where he honoured us with his presence for quite a bit.

We were invited to try out The Punjabi Rivaayat food festival dishes. Chef Sweety brings back forgotten food with the most authentic recipes to tantalise your palate with the Rivaayat menu. Check out the menu which will be served to all starting from today till 21st of Jan only at Maya ????


Can’t wait to dig in right?

While we were busy chatting away with Chef Bhasin, I called for a fresh lime to sip on and there were some munchies on the table which is served to all guests, with some delectable pickles made from pineapple and raisins, garlic and pepper and ginger chutney. I must say all 3 were amazing.

While we were busy talking we were served our first round of starters. Tandoori pineapple and bhatti de paneer. Talking about the pineapple, so beautifully marinated and perfectly cooked and juicy; loved it. The bhatti de paneer with its spicy marination, charcoal grilled flavour and the soft paneer was superb. Both these starters stood out coz of their brilliant marinations by Chef Sweety.


Next on the table came the mutter makai tikki which looked beautifully fried and crispy on the outside, but cut into it and you’ll break into a smile so wide looking at the happy surprise of melted cheese oozing out from its center. Lip smacking. Best I’ve had till date and is not at all oily.

While we were enjoying this we were honoured by Chef Sweety Singh himself joining our table. The food was forgotten as the conversations flowed. Such experience and knowledge in front of you is bound to leave you awed. Excerpts of our chat with the 2 legendary chefs- Chef Bhasin and Chef Sweety will be put up in the next blog.


Now we were served our main course, which consisted of – Pindi chole, sarson ka saag, Baigan bhartha, mutter paneer, dal makhani served with white freshly made makhan and makke di roti and kulcha.

Sarson ka saag- light, slow cooked and superb.

Baigan ka bhartha- not being fond of baigan I just thot of tasting this, but it was so delicious I licked it off the plate. Bhatti roasted baigan has a special taste which u don’t get when you make on your stove.

Mutter paneer- a simple dish made so tasty with the fresh gravy. Don’t get the same taste with purees.

Dal makhani- without being loaded with makhan was mind blowing.

Pindi chole- had no onion, garlic or tomato and yet you wouldn’t miss any of it. There is no soda used to cook the chole and yet perfectly cooked. The masala does the magic.

Makke di roti- crispy and light.

Kulcha- soft, light and simply yum.

We couldn’t stop eating. I hogged makhan maarke.

The food that is so comforting, light and yet deliciously good. Maa ke haath ka swaad I’d say, made with such love and passion.

Next came the desserts, my fav part of meals always ???? We were presented with beetroot halwa which is super yum and tastes very much like carrot halwa. Pinjiri-traditional punjabi sweet made with whole wheat and lots of dry fruits and chef gave his special touch by adding makhanas to it for the crunch. It was so light.


Last surprise served to us was the saffron kheer. Light, perfectly flavoured and not too sweet. It was a perfect end to such beautiful meal.


With this we ended our dinner and bid our farewell. If you loved the food in the pics, ull crave for more after first bite. Chef Sweety doesn’t use colors, unnecessary masalas, purees or soda. He believes in slow cooking and keeping it simple to enhance the taste, while keeping it healthy. He comes with his special masalas which you wont get to try otherwise. The table will be laid today and everyday till 21st of Jan 2017…don’t miss it out!!

A goodbye is never complete without a pic????


Until next time!!

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