Review- Hyatt Regency: picnic theme brunch!

It was a fun filled Sunday afternoon at Hyatt regency, glasshouse by the pool; where ppl relived their school days with the beautiful picnic theme brunch!! It was my first time reviewing a theme brunch and I couldn’t hv started off with a better one than this!! Kudos to Chef Harpreet, Chef Nitin and Chef Siddhesh to organise this beautiful afternoon and being personally there interacting with ppl and making sure it went as planned.

The beautifully laid out picnic tables with checked cloth, or the mats laid out on the lawn to give you the actual picnic experience was beautiful. Plus the whole layout being by the pool side just added to the beauty. Also there were lot of props at the photo booth to get some fun pics.

There was a special kids section made with games and toys and teddy bears, with a candy floss stand and popcorn stand near it.

Beautiful isn’t it?

So after clicking the pics when I finally take my place at a table I see a cute little picnic basket on my table, filled with water, paper boat drink, jams, salad, a sandwich and cutlery, some fruits. All in all a perfect picnic experience.

I was in love with all the colors used and the attention to details.

Moving on to the food and beverages; I started with a mocktail for a change. I told them to get me anything strawberry based. I was presented with this beautifully pink glass of innocent strawberry. One of the tastiest strawberry mocktails I’ve ever had. So refreshing????


Next were salads. We tried the som tum salad and the Ceasar salad; both were lip smacking.

By this time one of the waiters came by and presented us with spiced watermelon skewers. They were watermelon balls on skewers dipped in bacardi rum in the ball of watermelon with some star anise. It was yum!!

We moved on to our bbq. They had amazing veg options where we were presented with beautifully smoky pineapples, cottage cheese, mushrooms, zuchinnis and bell peppers. They were perfectly flavoured and cooked without losing their juiciness.


Next came the burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs from their hotdog stand. The burger was delectable. The hot dog was presented with caramelised onions on top and was superb. The sandwiches one of chutney and cheddar second of tomato and cheddar were both cheesylicious and yum.

Now came some Indian food- simple and tasty aloo parathas with dahi, some soft and melt in the mouth indian masala tikkis and deliciously good veg kathi rolls ????

I called for a fresh watermelon juice to just cleanse the palate off so much food. It was as refreshing and soothing as expected.


After all this the kid in me was alive to go and take videos and just play around with some props and stuff before starting with desserts. So I clicked some more pics, I posed at the photo booth and also enjoyed the little joys of childhood like candy floss and kala khatta flavored gola (crushed ice candy)????

Now was the time for desserts!! Ya I know I sound like a beast gobbling up all the food, but can’t say no to desserts. Out of all the things I had, which was almost everything in desserts, there were couple of them that stood out. Their baked cheesecake, molten brownie and red velvet swiss roll were absolutely orgasmic. The in house gelato were superb and so were the fresh cut strawberries. I also got to try madeleines, figs in a cup, lemon and chocolate pastry, and so much more. Everything was super good. Best quality, amazing taste.

Check out my dessert serving ????????


Don’t judge me ????

After this I finally had to stop eating as my tummy wouldn’t permit any more food intake. What an afternoon!! Excellent spread, layout, food, service and quality.

If you liked this brunch, you’d be happy to know that they plan a very sexy one next month too and every month for 2017. The planning has happened 6 months back and implementation is in the process, be prepared to be thrilled with lot more lip smacking surprises at Hyatt regency andheri east.

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