Red Carpet Wax Museum

Ever been to London? If yes then you mustve been to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. It’s one place that all tourists visit coz of the awe inspiring super life like wax figurines. Well well…now Mumbai gets its own wax museum and that too in Ghatkopar!! The very famous R city mall’s pride the Red Carpet Wax Museum opened its doors to ppl 4 months back.

I wasn’t really sure if I should visit it, thinking it’s here n how good could it be after having been to Madame Tussaud’s, but my curiosity got better of me and I went. I was amazed to see the grand entrance and the place. Ull come across wax photographer where I ended up posing for him to click me ???? and wax sleeping guard who ud wanna slap n wake up.

The figurines are so beautifully made and life like, take a closer look and every single wrinkle, or even the tiniest of facial hair and the details of the eyes are enuf to get you mesmerized. From Mother Teresa at the entrance to Barack Obama, Gandhiji, Albert Einstein with his lab set up, to Mumbai’s very own loved Bala Saheb Thackre; badminton champs, Hollywood stars, Harry potter, Steve jobs, Bill gates, John Cena, MJ who’s mic I stole to sing to Gangnam style king Psy and many other famous personalities adorn this place in their famous poses and clothes.

The best part I liked about this place was the props they’ve kept next to each figurine that u can wear to get clicked. Loved the idea and I used all of them and got clicked everywhere. Props include Michael Jackson’s jacket to Harry potters stick, cape and witch hat, lab set up of Einstein, tiaras with Queen Elizabeth and many other exciting ones! It was a complete fun filled hour.

The statues here are imported from Europe, Asia and Australia in controlled environment to keep them intact. It’s worth a visit….after all u don’t need a visa or pounds for this one ????


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