Recipe- Vegetable, moong dal soup with cheese!

My lunch yesterday!! This is a wholesome bowl of yumminess!!

Prep time- 10 minutes

Cooking time- 30 minutes


1 carrot- skinned and diced

1/4th cabbage- chopped minutely,

1/2 tomato chopped minutely,

1 medium sized onion- thinly sliced.

5-6 cloves garlic chopped minutely,

1 green chilli- chopped minutely,

1 small piece ginger cut in thin slices,

5-6 mushrooms thinly sliced,

half a capsicum chopped in small pieces.

half cup green peas

1 cup boiled moong dal without skin.

Half a lemon juice

1/4th cup minutely chopped coriander leaves

Cheese for garnish


Olive oil

Black pepper powder


Tabasco harbenaro

Maggi liquid seasoning

Tomato Ketchup

Heat some olive oil and add chopped garlic and onion and saute till little more than golden brown, now add all the other veggies, add 3 cups water, 1 tbspn ketchup, 1 tbspn liquid maggi seasoning, tobasco harbenaro as per taste, dried oregano, salt, black pepper and let it boil away for 20 minutes on slow flame, now add 1 cup boiled moong dal to this and lemon zest (in this case I cut 1/4th of a lemon into tiny pieces and added it with skin- they become chewy and the skin is slightly bitter but I like it- to avoid this u can just squeeze half a lime) and boil it for another 7-8 minutes. The dal makes it slightly thicker and more like a whole meal. Once u switch off the flame add a fistful of chopped coriander leaves to it, serve it in a bowl and garnish it with cheese. It is nutritious, and very tasty. #myrecipe.


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