Oats can be real boring to eat if you don’t like the taste much and are forced to eat coz of your ongoing diet. With people moving on to healthier options even for snacking and quick bites, Saffola has come up with tasty healthy variety of Oats. It’s been in the market for a while now known as Saffola masala oats, so I’m sure most of you would’ve tried it already, if not, then get a pack today. It’s so simple to make. Just pour a 39g pack in a pan, add 240 ml water and cook it for 3 mints. As simple as Maggi.

They have it in various flavours sweet and savoury both. I’ve by far tried classic masala, veggie twist, peppy tomato, Italian, Chinese, mast masala, Apple.  I love them all. If uve been a Maggi masala fan…u should love the mast masala and classic masala. It has a flavour quite similar. It’s packed with dehydrated veggies so you get your goodness of veggies and oats in one guilt free bowl of goodness.


The best part, a 39g pack which is a meal for one is sold for just 15 rupees. Try it for a healthier option. I’m sure ull find some flavour which suits your taste buds.

*I add a bit of tobasco to it for that spicy zing.

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  1. piratepatty says:

    I have never seen these before! Are they in the States I wonder? Sounds like something I would eat

    1. missbhukkad says:

      It’s available online on Indiangrocery.Com and Amazon.com not sure about the stores though. But if u manage to order it online do let me know how u liked it ????

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