My Tips on Staying FIT!

I’m about to complete 2 years of food blogging and my friends tell me I look the same that I did 2 years back.  I’ve heard this a lot and I have been asked this question a lot about what’s the secret.  Honestly having good metabolism helped a lot but the fats did show up.  So I’m gonna list down a few things that I did over the last 2 years and the few things I’ve recently started.

  • Things I did last 2 years 

1. Eat more of salads so it cuts the hunger.

2. Eat very simple satvik food when eating at home.

3. Eating lots of fruits.

4. Keeping sprouts handy for hunger pangs.

That’s all that I did last 2 years every time I ate at home but while reviews I didn’t count calories and I didn’t bother to eat less. I HOGGED. Though I didn’t put on too much weight I knew I was screwing with my health.  So a month back I decided to get on with a healthier lifestyle.

  • Things I do now 

Apart from eating salads, fruits and simple food at home what I’ve now regularly started doing is-

1. Every morning on empty stomach have one glass warm water with Apple cider vinegar.  Or u can have it with lime juice and honey. This helps in metabolism; is good for your skin and hair and most importantly for weight loss.

2. Have started forcing myself to eat breakfast which I never used to.  Though I don’t like eating in mornings I now force myself to at least have a bowl of milk and cereals/ fruit/ sprouts/ handful of dry fruits/ eggs/ multigrain sandwich.

3. I’ve completely stopped consuming aerated drinks. Aerated drinks are now replaced by coconut water or cold pressed juices.

4. Reduced sugar consumption-  that’s coming from the biggest dessert lover ever.  From 100% The sugar intake has now dropped to 20 % which is only consumed while tasting desserts at reviews. At home sugar is replaced by honey and dates for the sweet cravings. Cutting down sugar has definitely made my skin feel and look better. It was definitely difficult because sugar addiction is worse than cocaine; but once u try to stop taking sugar first few days will be bad,  you will crave for it but if you manage to stay off sugar for a week eventually your craving will go away. You will not miss sugar anymore.

5. Have gone off maida and wheat flour. I’ve instead started consuming nachni flour, Millet flour, rice flour that too rarely.

6. White rice is replaced by brown rice.

7. Chips, French fries and pakodas are replaced by rice crackers, roasted makhanas,  dry chana,  protein bars and mixed seeds for hunger pangs.

8. My regular meals of roti,  sabji, dal,  chawal is now more of brown rice,  pulses,  lots of veggies and yoghurt.

9. Have started gym thrice a week.

10. The Amul butter is replaced by unsalted white butter.

11. Have reduced salt and oil intake. Have never been a lover of fried food so oil intake was never excess.

12. Have dropped my food reviews from 20 reviews a month to 5 reviews a month.

13. Most importantly consume lots of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day for that younger looking skin.

14. I have knowingly incorporated more of proteins in my daily diet which makes me feel more energetic all day.

15. Alcohol consumption has gone down from 15 days a month to 1 day in a month that too 2 drinks max.

These small small changes have definitely started showing results on my body. I feel more energetic and fresh.  The skin is glowing more. It’s a happy feeling.  Again when I’ve made these changes in my food and lifestyle doesn’t mean Idon’t enjoy my pizzas anymore.  I still eat normal food when I go for reviews but instead of hogging on it I now only prefer eating limited portions.

*Since I am a person who can’t stay hungry or eat less what I do is when I go out partying or for reviews, I eat a big bowl of salad or roasted veggies before leaving from home so it cuts down my hunger.

These lifestyle changes were not forced upon me.  Ppl never said I needed it but I love eating healthy and feeling healthy. Outside food does take its toll on your health on a long run and gives the unnecessary flabs and bloating.  We are all very careful about our appearance.  We regularly get haircuts and mani pedis to look our best but it’s equally important to feel our best. It’s important to give our body the fuel it needs.  I’m not staying hungry,  I’m just eating right and that is making all the difference.

Stay healthy!!

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  1. Resham Singh Runwal says:

    12th point in trying I do makes me sad?…. If it can be replaced by home recepies?

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      If u r not reviewing restaurants then home food is the only option. So ya eat simple home made non rich food.

  2. richa mina says:

    great tips to lose weight and staying fit. I’ve started breakfast and stopped aerated drinks. now would try and incorporate rest of your advice too.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I’m doing this since past month and it has definitely helped

  3. I think I’m following your pattern from.last 4-5 months. I have more of salads, keep sprouts handy and binge on fruits when hungry. It has helped me feel more healthy.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Ya those things really help to stop u from binging on junk food

  4. Such a wonderful post n absolutely inspiring. I am going to try these.. N gradually disciple myself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u. Hope it helps ?

  5. my biggest enemy is sugar which I am not able to control. I am not a sweet lover as such but after food, I feel like having some sweet. I tried to replace brown rice but failed. still I will try again until I succeed

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      For sugar cravings there are lot of healthy dessert options. U can have sweets made of dates and honey too. That should help. Brown rice ull eventually develop the taste I didn’t like them earlier either.

  6. Sayeri says:

    Really helpful for those who are planning for a healthy routine. Before party, the hunger cutting process is really good. 🙂

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u so much. I’ve just mentioned everything I’ve started doing. Would be happy if it helps ppl

  7. Amazing and easy tips shared. Stopping junk and aerated drinks gives boost for reducing weight and helps moving towards healthy body and soul.


    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u. Yes it absolutely does. Small small changes help in the long run.

  8. Neha Tambe says:

    Great tips Kajal. I totally agree that making simple lifestyle changes can benefit in the long run.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Absolutely ?. Thank u for giving it read.

  9. Disha says:

    Having breakfast has been mandatory for me always. Keeping sprouts handy is a good way to curb the unhealthy snacking. Great tips to stay fit!

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u so much

  10. Ritika says:

    This post came at such a right time. Being food reviewer myself, I find it so hard to stay fit but I could so well relate.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I hope it helps ?

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