Morning Dose!!


I don’t like drinking milk, coffee or regular tea, but this i love anytime of the day!! My ginger lemon honey green tea. You would’ve often heard ppl talk about wanting to lose weight and drinking warm water and lemon in the morning. Try this instead. It has lot of health benefits and is very tasty.


1)It boosts your immune system.

2)it’s a miracle drink for your hair and skin.

3)Quick relief in cases of indigestion, nausea and vomiting.

4)Helps in weight loss.

5)It has wound healing properties and heart health benefits.


1 bag green tea (I use Twinings)

Small piece of ginger

Half lemon

1 tsp pure honey

Boil water in a pan, dip green tea bags in it, grate ginger and add to it and let it boil.

Once boiled and ready strain it and pour it in a mug. Squeeze half lemon to it, 1 tsp honey and stir it. Once mixed properly sip it while still warm.

Have a healthy day ????


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  1. Dheeraj Dave says:

    Yayyy i love too…drinking from last two years….awsm results…

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Wow…that’s a long time..Definitely awsm results ????????

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