Make up tips!!

Hello lovelies, it’s been a while that I hvnt been here; but here’s some handy tips to do that subtle make-up for the picture perfect look.

Recently at the fashion show for the newest collection at Rajkumari Fashions Vashi, there was a short helpful session of make up tips given by the make up artist from Dubai. To look picture perfect, u don’t want a make up that is too loud. Here a few tips on minimalist make up-

1. Prep ur skin- without this u get break outs or pimples. So prime ur skin; it also makes ur make up last long and look more glowing. Use the primer in required places in ur face only. Where u hv open pores. As soon as you apply the primer on your open pores it smoothes out the skin.
2. U don’t need caked up foundation. Focus the product on the center n pull the product out while using foundation.
Go over it with beauty blender. Most ppl start from the sides and pull it inside, this makes ur face look heavy, dull and long.
3. Contouring- it enhances ur features. Easiest bet is to make a straight line from ear and blend it up.
4. Highlight- The highpoints of your face- cheekbones, nose, uper lips, forehead. Make ur highlight pop by using cream based stick. Then powder highlight on top of it…dust the excess and use.
5. Blush – while using blush have the biggest smile ever and then use blusher.
6. Dark circles- peach or an orange concealer goes best. Mac orange better with Indian skin tone. Concealor- Little bit dab it under ur eyes and blend it thru. In make up- blending is the key.
7. Winged eye liner- dip the cutip in make up remover. And clean up the excess. So once u apply the eye liner with one stroke, clean the sides or the excess with the make up remover. This gives it a clean and winged look.

You are ready for pictures ?





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