I love my pizzas but I prefer home cooked meals any day.

If you are an Indian you would relate to the fact that we have standard roti sabji dal rice for lunch accompanied with buttermilk, papad, pickle, salad or a sweet for the end. With the increasing work culture and people becoming goal oriented and ambitious, somehow that simple easy to digest meal has got replaced by sandwiches, burgers or wada pav…basically junk food! With newly married ppl increasingly separating off from the family after marriage to start a new life the consumption of junk food just keeps escalating.

I’m married, and I run a company, being in the office all day or being busy with meetings is a part of life for me too since 10 years; but I believe in healthy eating. After all health is wealth, right? So all the food posts that you end up seeing from me if they r restaurants reviews and pics it’s Coz evening are usually dedicated to socialising. I am also gonna be putting up lot of pics and recipes of my food that I cook. Be it breakfast lunch or dinner I make it all without a help, and I also manage my daytime working, night partying and in between it all blogging!! But trust me it’s not as difficult as it sounds and it’s the simple healthy meals that keep me going thru the whole day after being in my thirties to manage it all. I’ve been frequently asked this question by friends as to how I maintain myself with my hectic schedule and how I manage to cook at all without help… forget cooking thrice a day!!

It’s actually pretty easy. My parents always insisted on home food since childhood and kept me away from eating much junk, it just became a way of life. I wouldn’t say I don’t love my pizzas and burgers and cheesy goey yummy foods!! I’m a big time foodie; but, when eating at home I prefer keeping it light to balance it off.



This is my meal for lunch today. Simple roti, salad, curd, doodhi chana dal!! It’s packed with nutrition and totally low fat and yet surprisingly tasty. Doodhi though not liked much has lot of health benefits. It is low fat and is used for treating urinary disorders, blood pressure, heart treatments and also balances liver functions. Dal is packed with proteins and salad with the fibres and dahi for digestion and stomach disorders. A whole meal which is satisfying filling and yet very healthy.

It took me half hour in literal sense to make this whole meal by myself. It might be difficult at first to manage cooking with work, but if you are well organised it doesn’t take time at all. Just spend some time planning, organising and grocery shopping on weekends to have a hassle free healthy week ahead.

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  1. Monica Marie says:

    I’m glad to know this is possible! I struggle myself with cooking and managing a busy schedule. But you set the Standard! Your food looks delicious and I will be looking forward to your food post. 🙂

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Thank u so much for the appreciation. I will keep updating lot of recipes… easy to cook fast ones for you to try ????

  2. Kumar Harsh says:

    You do one hell of a balancing act. I can’t even manage my room.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Well it’s become a habit over last 10 years… and I enjoy being busy all day

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