Our body is an ecosystem that must be maintained. This ecosystem consists of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Enhancing the good bacteria leads to immunity and gut health which is done through probiotics.

Dupont recently organized a bloggers meet up to help us understand probiotics, prebiotics and to raise awareness of and explore the health benefits of HOWARU premium probiotics. The event marked the presence of Ms. Jigna Sheth (nutritionist and fitness consultant) and members from DuPont nutrition and Health like Ms. Reena Chaudhary (communications specialist, South Asia), Mr. Praveen Nag (regional product manager), Dr. Anders Henriksson (Principal application specialist) and Mr. Sujith Sathyadas (marketing manager, South Asia).

First question is what are probiotics and prebiotics?

Prebiotics are dietary fibers that act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics on the other hand are live bacteria that are found in yoghurt and other fermented foods.

Probiotics are not a medicinal cure they are taken to ensure the immunity is strong and one does not need medicines. Doctors advice probiotic supplements or foods rich in probiotics for better digestion and overall gut health. The stomach disorders are the cause of increased bad bacteria over good bacteria. Lot of times we hear our elders say that have dahi (yoghurt) for stomach disorders. We are allowed fermented foods like idli dosa as light food for our tummy and easy to digest. The reason behind all this is the probiotic nature of these foods which by default strengthen our guts immunity keeping us healthy and fit.

Nowadays we often hear people complaining about their health and falling sick quite quickly because of our modern diet consisting majorly of processed and junk food which are not rich in probiotic hence leading to depletion of good bacteria in the body leading to various diseases.

Advantages of probiotics-

1. They help digestive system run smoothly.

2. Keeps the immune system strong.

3. Boosts nutrient absorption- ingestion of probiotics not only aids digestive health but also helps you better absorb essential nutrients in your diet such as vitamins and minerals.

How DuPont plays a part? DuPont Danisco range of probiotics purely known as HOWARU can add documented health benefits to dairy products, beverages, confectionary and frozen desserts. HOWARU range of premium probiotics are scientifically proven to help keep the digestive system running smoothly to support the body’s immune system. Dupont’s probiotic dietary supplements support immune and digestive health to meet conquer needs across differing age groups.

Products rich in probiotics found in India – yoghurt, pickles, dark chocolate, apples, Kimchi, soy milk, olives, cheese, idli, does, uttapam, dhokla, yakult.


Hence consuming the above mentioned foods is good for you. If not these foods then u can also take supplements with 1 billion sign on it.

This informative session was concluded with a quick quiz followed by a Q&A with the expert panel, followed by lunch and photos with fellow bloggers. Some of the questions answered  during Q&A were-

How much is too much when it comes to probiotic consumption- answer being that there is nothing like too much In this case. Our body already has trillions of them present adding a little more externally doesn’t cause any harm.

Someone also asked if kids should be given dahi as a source of probiotic without being scared of them catching cold. The answer was that yes kids should be given yogurt since that does not cause cold, in fact it helps boost immunity.


Overall a super informative session and an eye opener about our everyday food habits making us more aware of what we are feeding our body. Probiotics is the way to go!!

Hope this article helped you all. Do leave your comments below if it did and if any questions.

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  1. Very informative indeed. Especially that you have mentioned the food items where we can get probiotics. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u so much

  2. Sayeri says:

    I had no idea about probiotics, Dupont has done a great job, now we can get all the probiotics with their HOWARU range. Thanks for sharing all details.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thanks for taking the time out to read it

  3. richa mina says:

    Thanks for sharing such informative post on probiotics… it’s very healthy for digestive system

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      It is so important in daily diet

  4. That kids can’t have curd or probiotics when sick or having a cold is such a big myth ,actually one should always have probiotics and more so when unwell.A commendable post , very informative indeed !

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Yes it’s a myth. Thank u so much for appreciation.

  5. U K says:

    Probiotics play an important role in our day to day life and to keep our system fit. This was an informative session and I loved it equally. nice meeting you again.. 🙂



    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Always fun meeting u ?

  6. Probiotics is very important for health so I make it a point to give it to my kids through curd or probiotics drinks

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      That’s so good. They are mandatory in our diet for good gut health

  7. It seems a great event , quite informative too. Probiotics needs to be an integral part of our diet now.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Totally. It needs to be an integral part.

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