Air Asia- YAY OR NAY???

Me and my husband recently took a trip to Bali. We booked our ticket a month in advance through make my trip to get the best rate. We were obviously looking for a comfortable flight at good price. I got the best rate for going by Air Asia and return by Malindo Air, where i ended up paying 43000 INR return airfare for 2. While going it showed 9 hrs straight flight and on return it showed flight change at KL and a layover of 5.5 hours hence making the flight duration 13 hours. It was the cheapest rate for the month.

We reached airport on given time and reach Air Asia counter. The lady says youll hv to pay 3300 INR for 15 kgs check in luggage. I said we just have one bag each. She said there is no check in included in flight fare so if you pay online im advance its 2200 INR for 20kgs but at airport its 3300 INR for 15kgs ????. We decided to check in one and keep second one in hand which was smaller. She checked the weight n it was 10 kgs instead of 7 kgs and we were made to shift 3 kgs in the check in baggage. We did that paid 3300 and at that time we were informed of 75 mints of halt at KL which wasnt mentioned anywhere earlier. Anyway we moved to security. This wasnt all.

We grabbed a bite at subway before boarding since we were sure they wont provide food if they cant check in even one bag for free. On boarding i noticed the seats a bit cramped and no inhouse entertainment. It was gonna be 9 hours of boredom.

We settled and the flight took off in a bit. There were few passengers who must have asked for water, because suddenly we heard an announcement saying there is no free water served om the flight. Passengers were asked to pay 150 INR for half litre bottle of water. No entertainment, no water, no food and when a passenger asked for blanket they were asked to pay. Ive travelled internationally quite a few times, I know flights not providing food or even in some cases entertainment, but no water and blankets was a first. So practically when you pay for the ticket, you only and only pay for a seat on board. Rest NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING AT ALL IS INCLUDED.

My return trip with Malindo on contrary waa brilliant. Free 1 baggage check in per person, good leg space, great inhouse entertainment, all the seats had blankets and pillows already kept when we boarded, plus the food is so good and to top it all endless free water on board.

With Air Asia it might look like you saved a few bucks, but in the end you end up spending atleast 5000 more so ultimately it comes to the same. I would definitely not prefer this flight again.


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  1. Shamik says:

    Thank you Kajal for sharing your experience about Air Asia flight. This would help for sure 🙂

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