10 Pav bhajis in Mumbai that you must try.

Pav bhaji in Mumbai is just as popular as vada pav. It’s highly consumed and once you love the pav bhaji here u won’t like it anywhere else. Mumbai is definitely filled with pav bhaji places and I’m sure there are tons of them that I hvnt tried yet but here I’m posting the places I really liked it at and also places which serve some really different kinds of Pav bhaji. Enjoy the pics and leave more names of popular pav bhaji places in Mumbai that i should try next in the comments below-

1. Sukh Sagar at chowpatty- the reason i list this first is coz this is where i ate it first time in mumbai as a kid and after all these years the taste feels the same. All time fav.

20170425_183954(Image by Veeni Saumil Shah on zomato)

2. Shiv sagar- this place served some.lip smacking south indian food along with Italian, Mexican and North Indian too added to the menu over a period. But 2 things that I just can’t resist ordering anytime I visit this place is their butter sada dosa and their Pav bhaji. Absolutely yummy.


3. Amar Pav bhaji Juhu- this place is flocked by ppl from all across for its Pav bhaji. Its a fav amongst party goers being one of the late night eateries in Juhu which is serving it’s plateful of Pav bhaji till 2 in the morning on Fri and Sat nights.


4. Maa Bhavani Pav bhaji- a small thela in the lanes of parle west that serves black pav bhaji just like maruti pav bhaji just a little less spicy comparatively. Amazing in taste, loaded with butter and if u r a spice lover try this with their chutney pav.. .it is killer.


5. Maruti Pav bhaji -parle ppl are absolutely in love with this name. Looks the same as maa bhavani Pav bhaji…they do their business in the same lane, this one being more popular of the 2 and more spicier and absolutely yummy.

6. Sardar Pav bhaji- this place is most popular for its makhan maarke bhaji.  It’s said that he uses a pack of 100gms butter in evert playful. Definitely not to try if u r on diet, but if u do try it..u won’t be able to stop eating.


(Image by Insha Padania on zomato)

Now talking bout unique ones-

7. Spiceklub- this place served Pav bhaji in form of fondue. The pot had aerated pavbhaji mousse which was served with bite sized breads to dip it in n enjoy. Delicious!


8. The roll company/TRC- this tiny outlet in lower parel might be famous for its rolls but it’s more popular for its parmesan pav bhaji…yes u read it right, they have parmesan cheese over it. Though very little but it certainly adds to the taste.


9. Masala bar- this place serves very unique carbon pav bhaji which is served with black coloured buns. This Pav bhaji is not your normal pav bhaji; instead it’s black pav bhaji made of carrot, broccoli, pokchoy, asparagus, onion, tomato garlic with edible charcoal ducks for the colour. Healthy and tasty.


10. The Rolling Pin- they serve high protein pav bhaji served with buckwheat glutten free pav. Bhaji is made of mushrooms, lentils and black beans cooked in trans free and cholesterol free fat. Totally healthy option while being tasty.


If u enjoyed the post do like and leave more suggestions below for me to try next ????

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  1. Ashvini K C says:

    Also add Canon pav bhanji opposite CST & BMC HQ.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Yes iv e heard a lot about that place…but since iv e never eaten it hence didn’t add it to the list

  2. raoulworks says:

    It was a lovely article btw i love your username . When I went to Mumbai , this is the first thing that i had there. I don’t remember the name of the shop but it was somewhere near Juhu beach. Pav Bhajji hmm love it. Thanks for sharing this article

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Thank u for the appreciation ???? now for next time u hv lot of places in Mumbai for pav bhaji ????

  3. ghostwriter says:

    thanks! I was always meaning to go on a pav-bhaji hunt with my friends. Planning it now!

  4. neha98blog says:

    Is it possible to fly to Mumbai just for having pao bhaji?

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