REVIEW-Minus 301 F-chembur

I visit this cute little icecream place yest for the ice cream tastings and reviews. had heard good things about the place and was excited to see what was in stores. It’s a small store in cubic Mall, chembur with vibrant colors, comfortable seating for viewing the magic in front of u and a bar table facing the mirror so u can see magic behind you thru the mirror. What magic am I talking bout? Your ice creams being made in front of your eyes from scratch ????????

We were warmly greeted by the owner of this outlet Mr Deokar who beautifully explained us the whole concept of their live icecreams. They hv 2 concepts one is creamlettes which are ice creams made on cold plates which are at -20 degrees…they are made like Omlettes but because cold plate so creamlettes. Second is nitrogen icecreams which are made by use of liquid nitrogen. You can see the milk turn into icecream in front of you in flat 3 mints. As quick as maggi noodles ????.

Moving on to the tastings below are the 4 icecreams we tried.

1) Guava chilli icecream- trust me this was the hero of the place. The best icecream I’ve ever tasted. It was guava icecream made into creamlette and served like rolls and topped with salt and red chilli powder; yes you read that correct…red chilli powder and salt on icecream!! When I took a bite of it, it got me lost on streets of mumbai holding a freshly cut guava by the vendor and given to me with salt n chilli powder in the centre. Was the exact same taste minus the seeds…it was creamy, rich and super delicious icecream. A must try at this place.

2) Bubblegum nitro icecream- this one took me on a different trip. It brought back a memory from childhood, with Bubblegum flavour of icecream served with cut out jelly sweets on top and multi coloured sprinkles. Was deliciously good.


3) Red velvet and choco hazelnut treat- it was hazelnut batter, red velvet cake, chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles mixed together like bhurjee on cold plate and made into this beautiful creamy icecream and was served in a waffle cup with chocolate cigar, chocolate sauce and choco chips and sprinkles on top. Too good. Check out the video of how this is made on missbhukkad fb page!!

4) Chocolate anonymous sundae- we kept the best for the last. This one was a combo of oreo creamlettes and chocolate nitro icecream served on a bed of brownie and topped with chocolate sauce, choco chips, choco cigars, chocolate sprinkles, powdered oreos and walnuts. It was super loaded, creamy, heavy and so filling that couldn’t finish the whole thing.



They are excellent!! Must try. The best thing is they have unlimited toppings for any icecream for all customers. If u visit here definitely try their guava chilli. You’ll be bowled over ????


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