Hello lovelies….Miss bhukkad(perenially hungry) is not just about food…. My passion for food got me to start writing but my passion for travelling and being a curious cat myself to wanna try everything new is insatiable. This blog is gonna be all about:

Delectable food and restaurant reviews

Travelling-tips and planning

Healthy eating- Health comes first

Recipes-some mouth watering, quick homemade stuff

Tit bits-Idhar udhar ka

I, Kajal, the creator of this blog am also an entrepreneur, wife, fashionista, image consultant, and aiming to be a restaurateur soon. In my free time i totally indulge into travelling, cooking (esp experimenting new dishes), eating, reading, partying, engaging in making creams and scrubs at home, and also spending some me time!! Enjoy my blog and for any queries feel free to email me @ kajal.sophistique@gmail.com

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